Fragrant Smudge Sticks

Fragrant Smudge Sticks


How to use: Use our smudge sticks to cleanse a space, person, object, or your own Mind, Body & Soul. Hold the spiritual tool in the flame of your lighter (long handled lighter preferred) and rotate so all sides get lit. Give it a good blow and a shake. You should see smoke and no flames, then cleanse away! 


  • To Cleanse A Home

Open a window. Fan the smoke with your hands or a feather to allow the smoke to travel throughout the corners of each room. Start at the entrance of a room and move clockwise.

  • To Cleanse A Person

Fan the smoke with your hand or a feather starting at the head and moving downwards to each arm and leg.


Benefits of Sage: Cleansing and Purification. Removal of negative and unwanted energy. Creates a connection to sacred and positive energies. Also kills 94% of microbes and mold and last for 30 days!


Benefits of Lavender:
Meditation, spirituality, happiness, transformation, strength, confidence and stability, peace, restful sleep and happiness. Lavender can be burned therapeutically to address insomnia, depression, grief, sorrow and anxiety.


Benefits of Cedar:

Helps to deodorize indoor environments, repel insects, prevent the development of mildew, improve cerebral activity, enhance concentration, decrease hyperactivity, reduce harmful stress, ease tension, and encourage the onset of quality sleep.


Benefits of Yerba Santa:

Tribes throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, and northern Mexico used yerba santa as a medicine herb to treat a wide variety of ailments, from asthma to wounds and sores to coughs and colds.


Due to the Organic nature of the product, please allow variance of hue